Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hugh Hewitt and the Ground Zero Mosque

Doug Wilson has dressed down Hugh Hewitt's remarks concerning New York City giving permission for the construction of a mosque blocks from the World Trade Center ruins.  His thoughts are better than mine on the topic.  I encourage you to read them.

But Wilson didn't comment on another portion of Hewitt's post.  Hewitt writes:

If the City of New York will not protect the property from politicization or the use by any religious group, then the federal government ought to use its spending power to secure the result.  Federal laws routinely interfere with the use of private property and the decisions of state and local government --see, for example, Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act-- and the federal government has every right to closely patrol the purposes to which the Ground Zero area will be put.  It was a national trauma, felt most intensely and uniquely in New York, but there is an issue here for every American.

Hewitt's advocacy of federal intervention in the matter of New York City zoning and construction demonstrates sufficiently the supremacy of federal power in Hewitt's ideology.  Hewitt is a nationalist and any advocacy of states rights (or Constitutional limits upon government) must be regarded with great skepticism.  Hewitt legitimizes federal power against all other forms of power.  This dangerous precedent is destructive of liberty and must be opposed. 

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