Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Sentimentalized Pseudo-Event

Our culture is so utterly devoid of meaning and purpose that the pseudo-event has reached primary status.  Ponder for a moment of what events the media deems 'newsworthy.'  Who was eliminated from American Idol, interviews with the winner of Survivor, Paris Hilton being kicked out of Japan, etc., etc.  But the pseudo-event is taken to a new level of importance when it is reincarnated as a remembrance of the pseudo-event.  Here is an example:

Now, I enjoy baseball, and even count myself as a Boston Red Sox fan.  However, professional baseball itself is a pseudo-event, or at least a platform upon which the pseudo-event is enacted.  Morally speaking, the pseudo-event is neutral, as Wiki-pedia states that a family portrait is an example of a pseudo-event.  However, the celebrations, indulgences, and yes, idolatry that surround the pseudo-event are not morally neutral.

The existence of a film that recounts the pseudo-event of a professional baseball playoff series from a mere six years ago is evidence of the utter triviality of that which our culture celebrates.  The sentimentalized pseudo-event is a nihilistic force that attempts to create meaning where there is none, and distract from things of real meaning.  Allowing oneself to participate in such things can lead only to moral atrophy. 

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