Monday, September 13, 2010

We Live in a Police State

We obviously live in a police state. The only two conceivable reasons for people to not recognize this is they are oblivious to their surroundings or they accept it as a normal state of affairs.  Watch this video of a man being tasered at the Minnesota State Fair.

The City Pages quotes the State Fair Chief of Police as stating that the man punched a police officer in the face, which to any who watch the video can plainly see this is untrue. Physical violence was initiated by the police, not the shirtless man.

It is an important fact that victims of taser assaults by the police are NEVER charged with a crime preceding the police initiating force against the victim. Notice that the man was charged only with "felony assault of a police officer."

What had he done to provoke the wrath of the police? Evidently he had "was undressing and yelling obscenities." Only in a police state would such behavior result in the potentially fatal, and incredibly painful use of a taser.

Only in a police state would bystanders be completely unsympathetic to the victim and merely watch as voyeurs, while others cheer on the police and say, "that's awesome."

The police are no longer a force for good, for peace; but rather, are the state's enforcers against those that reject the autonomous authority of the state.

The state has claimed autonomous authority and will accept no breach upon its claims. Thus, any individual that asserts his God-given right of self-defense against aggression from the agents of the state will receive the wrath of the state.

God help us all. Taser victims have more in common with the average citizen than any of us care to realize. I fear for myself and my family, as the police are all too willing to use such violence for any act of belligerence or self-defense against the tyranny of the police state.

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1 comment:

Lee Shelton IV said...

Notice the cop saying, "Stop resisting!" It's a phrase they like to use to justify their actions. But resisting arrest is (or at least used to be) a common law right of any citizen living in a purportedly free country.

Either way, the guy wasn't resisting. His body was wracked with involuntary spasms from the electric torture compliance device -- a device that was originally only supposed to be used in situations in which deadly force would otherwise be appropriate.