Friday, October 08, 2010

Marketing Christianity

“Whenever a promising movement of the Holy Spirit begins nowadays, one of the first things that happens is that the agents, businessmen, and other assorted handlers move in so that they might straighten out certain unmarketable ‘blemishes’ in order to take the show on the road.  And when a promising ministry hits the big time, the unfortunate people in it are made twice as much sons of hell as their promoters.  It is therefore our resolve to stay as unmarketable as we can.  If we ever get invited to the Great Black Tie Banquet of Evangelicalism, we want everyone there to be braced for the moment when we, on a prearranged signal, throw our dinner rolls at Pat Robertson.  Thus far this strategy appears to have worked and has thinned out the invitations.  This, in our view, is not a bad thing.  We are not quenching the Spirit.  We want spiritual words—which have that serrated edge—to quench the gospel-mongers.” Doug Wilson, A Serrated Edge p. 112-113
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