Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Lawless Nation of Laws

Ours is a lawless nation.  This may seem a bizarre allegation considering our criminal code is full of laws, rules, and regulations.  Yet it is this that is the problem.  When our understanding of the law is not derived from God, but from men, by definition our laws are lawless.  There is no higher authority--no one to whom man is accountable.  In such a system, might makes right.  The majority determines what is acceptable and what not.  This is lawlessness and it is a tyranny.  Chesterton recognized this when he wrote, "When you break the big laws you do not get liberty; you do not even get anarchy. You get the small laws."

Brian Aitken is a victim of this tyranny.  His crime was simply to possess handguns, which he'd purchased legally, in a state where he was moving to, without having properly registered the handguns.  Now he's begun to serve a seven year sentence.  This is absolutely criminal.  Those responsible for this judgment--the sheriff's office, the judge, and the jury will themselves have to give an account for their wickedness.  Such is our age. 

I like to quote Herbert Schlossberg, as my readers know.  Here he is again:

“The Old Testament records numerous cases in which rules adopted a theory that thousands of years later would be called substantive or positivist law. When that happened, a prophet stood ready to knock on the king’s door and tell him that there was a law higher than himself, that he was the creature and not the creator. “Hence the state does not decide what is good or what is law,” says Ellul, “but the good and the law determine the action of the state.” Without recognizing that principle, all the procedural safeguards in the administration of justice—constitutions, ballots, court systems, and the like—end up serving evil.” (Herbert Schlossberg, Idols for Destruction, p. 208-209).

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1 comment:

Pilgrim said...

Lawless and wicked indeed.

Reminds me of this: Don't talk to the cops

Never talk to the cops, and never let them search your car.

The comments of the CeaseFire worm reveal the contempt such men have for true law, the hatred they harbor for their neighbors, and the darkness of their power-mad minds.

Here's hoping Christie pulls through for justice yet again, and pardons Mr. Aitken.