Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Lesson in Government

 The Deseret News has an article today reporting the groundbreaking of "a $1.5 billion National Security Administration data center."  This article is a text-book lesson on the futility of the Federal regime. 

The reported purpose of the NSA data center is stated as "aggregating and verifying dizzying volumes of data for the intelligence community."  The article acknowledges the building is already being nicknamed "Spy Center."  It isn't clear from the article if the data will be international, national, or both. 

The article's opening paragraph acknowledges it is "important in the short term for construction jobs and important in the long term for Utah's reputation as a technology center."  It quotes Senator Orrin Hatch in stating that, "This will bring 5,000 to 10,000 new jobs during its construction and development phase.  Once completed, it will support 100 to 200 permanent high-paid employees."  Hatch is clearly very proud of his efforts to bring the data center to Utah.  He says, "This project is going to give an opportunity for an awful lot of Utahns."  He also boasts, "This will establish our state as one of the leading states for technology."

I don't doubt that the five to ten thousand construction workers that will be paid for the duration of the project will benefit.  Nor do I doubt the financial benefits to the "100 to 200 permanent high-paid employees" that Hatch boasts about.  What I do question is the moral and economic ruin that such a data center will bring upon our nation and specifically the community supporting this data center.

This "Spy Center" will bring ruin to those spied upon.  It will invade the privacy of countless people across the globe.  Imagine the unseen economic consequences of spending $1.5 billion (at least--we know how government contracts always exceed budget) on a building intended to destroy capital rather than build it.  What about the expenses of operating such a data center per year?  Who and what will be destroyed as "collateral damage" as government operatives seek to kill and capture forces hostile to it?  What about the souls of those responsible for the deaths, threats, thefts, and so on as a result of this data center? 

The fact that this Spy Center is being so highly touted by a senior Republican senator should be evidence enough that Republicans are complicit not only in the oppression of humanity, but also hypocritical in cutting the size, ambitions, and expense of government.  This nation will continue to crumble as long as men like Orrin Hatch can boast of such atrocities.

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