Monday, July 11, 2011

Michele Bachmann: The Tax Man

I've wondered recently, about Michele Bachmann's past as an attorney for the IRS.  The thought of a "conservative" Republican presidential aspirant as a former tax attorney for the IRS simply seems hypocritical.  As it turns out, Salon and The Atlantic both have articles today, concerning this seeming contradiction.

Is it not curious that a former IRS tax-hound, could ever seriously be considered a contender for the Republican presidential nomination?  I hope that this is something she is forced to reckon with as she seeks the nomination, as I believe this all but disqualifies her in my mind, without an explanation of how she could reconcile her past with the IRS, her convictions as a Christian, and as an outspoken critic of federal taxes.  But of course, I doubt this will go very far, as questioning the legitimacy of the IRS is surely socially disruptive radicalism.

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