Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blowback, Ron Paul, and 9/11

Ron Paul caused quite a ruckus when he in a recent debate, he argued that 9/11 was the result of years of foreign policy intervention in the Middle East.  Rick Santorum, among others, was incredulous and, not a little self-righteous in his condemnation of Ron Paul's assertion.

Jack Hunter responded to this same objection to Ron Paul during the 2007 Republican Presidential Primary.  I commend the video to you, as it demonstrates the reasoning behind Paul's claims.

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1 comment:

bobbydale said...

Thanks for the thoughtful video. I hope more people can realize that we weren't attacked just because "they hate our freedom". This video doesn't even mention the ongoing support of the Israeli expansion of it borders, the support of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and a lot of other stuff.
When Jesus says - first get the log out of your own eye - this is what he is talking about. We are upset about a single attack on our soil, but we are neglecting the hundreds of thousands we have killed with weapons and blockades over the years. As the video states, even the 9/11 commission reports address the effects of blowback, but most politicians and most Americans have no interest in owning any responsibility.