Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Diagnosing the Church

This quote is from an article called Teaching the Whole Counsel of God by Bojidar Marinov.  I have come to a similar conclusion myself, though having not fully understood the causes, as Marinov has.  I believe, perhaps Marinov would as well, that this is just as rampant in self-described reformed churches as arminian.

While Marinov portrays this "fence-riding" as losing faith, in self-proclaimed reformed circles, the perspective is instead doubting one's position.  I've observed this phenomenon for a number of years myself, and I'm sure many others have as well.  Here's the quote from Marinov:

"The impact of semi-pelagianism on the quality of the believers should not be underestimated. The practical consequences of a theology that says that man’s effort in making the decision to be saved is crucial have seldom been discussed in theological circles but the results after a century of Arminian prevalence in Evangelicalism are everywhere around us. A Christian who is taught that by his decision he can gain salvation is by necessity also taught that by his decision he can lose it. The promise that he is safe in God’s hands applies to him only conditionally; only insofar as he makes the decision to stay there. But decisions come from the heart, and the heart is “deceitful above all else.” The life of such a believer then becomes introvert, a constant struggle to keep a deceitful heart on the right side of the fence of that life-saving decision. His energy is mainly spent not on obeying God and glorifying God but on examining his own heart everyday. In the final account, semi-pelagianism can’t produce culture, or society, or any kind of comprehensive knowledge about the world because it is too exhausted of fighting with the most deceitful of all things."

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